Contribution of Orissa in Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts in India are worldwide famous for its unique and elegant design. Technique and use of raw material can be found varied in every region of India. Wide range of Indian handicrafts is available here. Handicrafts have been in Indian culture for a long time. Kings and emperors in India were art lover. They had promoted art of handicrafts. This trend is still blooming in India every day. Other than wooden handicrafts and marble handicrafts, metal art and fabrics are also famous.
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Where every state in India has its unique contribution in Indian handicrafts, Orissa is also known for its beautiful metal crafts. Orissa is home for excellent and beautiful metal handicrafts. The handicrafts work in Orissa includes metal work, appliqué work and stone carving. Other than these, handicrafts work also includes wood carving, paper Mache. Beating of metal and then giving them shape is done by skilled craftsmen. Engraving on brass dishes and pots are important aspects of Orissa arts. Various artifacts made of metals are used in worship of deity.
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Silver work and Filigree work of Orissa is also famous. Silver filigree work of Orissa is unique example of metal art rarely to be seen in any other part of India. Silver is shaped into different artistic design with beautiful furnishing. These Indian handicrafts are appropriate handmade gifts for any occasion. The silver filigree is used in making ornaments specially earrings and anklets. Cuttack is well renowned for silver filigree work.

Other than metal arts, wood craft made in Orissa are also famous. Stone carving is one among the old-craft art of Orissa. Famous stone carved arts can be found in temples of Orissa. Indian handicrafts work of Orissa also includes terracotta, pottery, horn works and applique works. These handicrafts are examples of excellence of Orissa artisans.

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