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Wrap Gift Properly Like a Pro to Enhance its Value

Bestowing gifts has always been special for everyone irrespective of the reason. There are several moments, where it becomes a way to show love and affection for someone by giving him/her something lovely and useful. As gifting means a lot for people for various reasons, many things need to be considered from choosing perfect item to wrap that properly. Instead of going with precious items with no use, it is always better to go with a suitable and useful which reminds your loved one about you forever. Gifting is not limited for personal uses and several corporate gifts online and offline are also trending these days. Corporate gift has become a significant way of branding nowadays.

Well, while talking about the considerable points, wrapping the item properly is one of those. Usually this section of gifting is undervalued by most of the people. They select and purchase gifts carefully...

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Wooden Pen Stand with Clock – A Useful & Beautiful Corporate Gift

Gifts are always special and used to express emotions and feelings. Different types of items are bestowed as gift on different occasions, but some common ones include birthday, anniversary, wedding, corporate gifts and many others. Business and corporate meetings are commonly organized everywhere and gifts are bestowed as a good gesture. Unlike other occasions, choosing appropriate gift is tougher as it is all about reputation, branding and future relationship with clients. Although several merchants are offering corporate gifts online these days, but you must choose something which looks simple, elegant, beautiful yet useful as well. Here we bring one of such useful yet beautiful item named, wooden pen holder with clock and designer pen.


The product is a perfect choice as it is one of daily usable items for office purpose. It is crafted using top quality wood by experienced...

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Scrap Fabric Key Chain – One of the Clever & Useful Handmade Gifts

Everyone wishes to keep their friends and loving ones happy by any means. Folks leave no stone unturned to maintain the needed smile on their faces and gifting is one of those ways. Offering different types of gifts to the loved ones has been done for years, but the range and variety of gift items have completely modified now. Instead of going with traditional style of visually attractive but useless items, people opt to go for unique handmade gifts nowadays. Latest DIY creations are leading the gift industry now because of their uniqueness, versatility, and elegance. Here we bring one of the trends these days, named fabric scrap key chain to discussion.

Image Source: craftinessisnotoptional

The reasons behind popularity of such handmade gifts include its usefulness, simplicity, ease to craft, attractiveness and others. First of all it is the best way to use different type of fabric...

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The Traditional Indian Handicrafts Industry

Traditional handicrafts are one of the specialities of India. Indian handicrafts are one of the best ways to refurbish or decorate your home. Different states of India have different handicrafts specialities, so let’s have a look at a few of them today:


The biggest producer of Indian handicrafts, Rajasthan is well known for its wood, ivory and marble crafts, Maru-Gurjar paintings, wooden furniture, carpets and blue pottery. So, if want to get something really different for the wall of your room, then a Rajasthani rendition of Raas-Leela with surely brighten up the space.


shivaniwood.jpgThe artisans of Karnataka use traditional processes and techniques still to make different traditional handicrafts. The most popular products of Karnataka include Rosewood crafts, Mysore paintings, bell metal works, bronze artifacts, etc. If you want to get something unique for your new sofa...

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Batik Painting – A Worldwide Popular Ancient Indian Handicraft

Painting has been a part of Indian handicrafts since ancient times. This art reflects the rich heritage and traditions of this country. In old time, kings were lover of this art. They used to get their paintings drawn and give rewards to the skilled artists. Besides this, they also liked paintings inspired from different subjects such as nature, animals, and birds. Thus, they promoted this ancient art and gave huge contribution in making it popular. There were different kinds of painting styles originated in India and Batik art is popular one among these.
Indian handicrafts.jpg
Batik is an ancient style of creating paintings using wax on the fabric. Various similar forms of this art can be found in Ghana, Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, artists of this country came to know the technique of creating paintings with the...

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Things to Consider while Giving Corporate Gifts to International Clients

Organizations follow different marketing strategies to make their brands popular. Nowadays, bestowing corporate gift has become a successful strategy to increase popularity. If you want to make new clients or maintain the old ones, you should confer them items representing your brand. However, you should be careful while following this strategy, especially when your clients are from overseas. Any wrong gift and even wrong packaging can break relation. Giving gifts in your country may not be a problem, but things can be different in their country. Your present can become a reason of embarrassment for them. Therefore, you should follow below mentioned tips to find an appropriate one.
corporate gift.jpg
There are different corporate gift related customs in different countries. In some nations, presents are considered as bribe if you have given these unwillingly, whereas in some, it is impolite not giving...

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Marble Painting – A Fabulous Art of Ancient India

Indian artworks are famous worldwide for their exquisiteness and exclusivity. Indian art culture is more than thousands years old and various art forms have evolved in this duration. The painting is a renowned art of this nation, reflecting the cultural richness and you will find various drawings made on cloth, wood, marble etcetera. Such items are extensively used in the interior decoration and presented as handmade gifts on different occasions. Among these, marble painting is a popular artwork in which various obscure images are illustrated beautifully on the stone.
marble painting.jpeg
Marble painting was originated in the 16th century in Rajasthan, a princely state in India, by the Rajput rulers. With immense exquisiteness and distinctive designs, it has gained huge popularity and become the wonderful variant of handicrafts in Jaipur. In Rajasthan, there is a vast availability of different types of...

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Presenting Handmade Gifts – Re-gifting and Wedding Gifts Suggestions

People bestow different kinds of gifts on different occasions for various purposes. This tradition has been popular in various cultures for a long time. Some people purchase items for bequeathing and some produce by their hands. Such handmade gifts are liked everywhere and most recipients love to receive such items. These can be manufactured by keeping their likes and dislikes in mind. These put a unique impression on the recipient’s mind. However, sometimes gift giving can turn out as an awkward situation if some etiquette are not followed. Some of these etiquette are mentioned below.
handmade gifts.jpg
Some people present the gift that they have received from someone else. It is called re-gifting. If you are also doing this, then you should be careful. When you re-gift something, always remember to change the packaging. However, you should also consider whether it can be presented to someone else. For...

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Presenting Handmade Gifts – Suggestions for Handling Awkward Situations

Bestowing gifts has been in traditions of various cultures for several years. The people rejoice various celebratory events in the life and the gifts increase joy of these events. These are presented to express feelings towards the beneficiary. One can find various choices available in the market, but nowadays handmade gifts are favorite choices of many people to present due to the elegance and utilitarian value associated. However, sometimes gift giving or receiving can be an awkward situation and many people do not know how to handle this situation. To solve their problems, some suggestions are mentioned below.
handmade gifts.jpg
If someone presents you lavish or expensive handmade gifts, you may want to do the same, but try avoiding this. The gift is bestowed to reflect the thoughts and spirits behind the present. You should appreciate that present genuinely and reciprocate in the spirit rather than...

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Oak Wood –Used in Durable and Strong Wooden Handicrafts

People want to make their houses look beautiful and they use various decorative items for this purpose. Artwork gives a fascinating look to the living place and handicrafts in India are their favorite choices in this category. These have aesthetic appeal and elegant beauty. These are made using different materials such as stone, clay, marble, wood, metal, paper, and many more. Among these, wood is widely used and demand for such products is increasing. Wooden handicrafts come with natural beauty and are easier to handle, so these are widely used in interior decorations.
wooden handicrafts.jpg
Wooden handicrafts are used for various purposes such as home utensils, kitchen accessories, and wall decorations. These come with different virtues and quality which depend on the type of material. There are different kinds of trees available in India providing raw materials with different qualities. These are employed...

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