Marble Painting – A Fabulous Art of Ancient India

Indian artworks are famous worldwide for their exquisiteness and exclusivity. Indian art culture is more than thousands years old and various art forms have evolved in this duration. The painting is a renowned art of this nation, reflecting the cultural richness and you will find various drawings made on cloth, wood, marble etcetera. Such items are extensively used in the interior decoration and presented as handmade gifts on different occasions. Among these, marble painting is a popular artwork in which various obscure images are illustrated beautifully on the stone.
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Marble painting was originated in the 16th century in Rajasthan, a princely state in India, by the Rajput rulers. With immense exquisiteness and distinctive designs, it has gained huge popularity and become the wonderful variant of handicrafts in Jaipur. In Rajasthan, there is a vast availability of different types of marble, which also encouraged this art. There are different sizes of marbles used in this painting depending on the final product. Portrayed using the water and oil, this art includes both traditional and contemporary styles. To manufacture such beautiful crafts, various craftsmen use their skills which they have gained from their ancestors.
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Though the images illustrated in marble painting are generally human figures, nature, and animals, but in starting, it revolved around the piety culture of India. Generally, such paintings contain images of Lord Krishna. There are only natural colors, obtained from flowers and vegetables, used. These are also embellished with the beads, golden leaves, precious and semi-precious gemstones, making these more amazing. Proficient craftsmen put meticulous efforts and endless patience to convert a stone into a rich artifact reflecting the richness of Indian art culture.

Well, marble painting is well-renowned art in India. Such artworks can be used as wall hangings and placed on the table to enhance beauty. You can keep these in your home and guests will definitely admire this.

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