Oak Wood –Used in Durable and Strong Wooden Handicrafts

People want to make their houses look beautiful and they use various decorative items for this purpose. Artwork gives a fascinating look to the living place and handicrafts in India are their favorite choices in this category. These have aesthetic appeal and elegant beauty. These are made using different materials such as stone, clay, marble, wood, metal, paper, and many more. Among these, wood is widely used and demand for such products is increasing. Wooden handicrafts come with natural beauty and are easier to handle, so these are widely used in interior decorations.
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Wooden handicrafts are used for various purposes such as home utensils, kitchen accessories, and wall decorations. These come with different virtues and quality which depend on the type of material. There are different kinds of trees available in India providing raw materials with different qualities. These are employed according to requirements in the final products. Teak, Sal, Mahogany, white oak, basswood, rosewood, walnut, ebony etcetera are some popular wood types. Among these, oak is widely used for wood crafts since it is easier to work, economical, strong and beautiful. That is why it is prominently used in products with high durability and strength.
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Color of oak can vary from white to medium brown depending on its origin. Grain is an important property of every raw material in perspective of wood carving. Oak has a straight grain with coarse and uneven texture. It is a hardwood with medium bending and crushing strength. It is low in stiffness. It is available in two varieties, red and white. It is very durable and has great rot resistance capability, which is why it is widely used in long lasting wooden handicrafts. It produces good results with hand and machine tools.

In conclusion, oak is strong and rot-resistant making it ideal for wooden handicrafts with great durability.

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