Wooden Ambabari Maharaja Statue – An Exquisite Example of Indian handicrafts

Indian handicrafts come with beautiful carving and elegant design. These reflect the richness of heritage culture. These have also been used for various purposes such as decoration and quotidian for many years. Various kings and emperors were art lovers. They provided place to various craftsmen with different skills in their palaces. These craftsmen crafted the handicrafts for kings and got rewarded for their work. Thus these kings have promoted handicrafts in India. Such items are found in temples and various historical monuments in present time.

Various varieties of Indian handicrafts have been promoted by different kings. The wooden elephant is always being one of the widely used handicrafts by those kings. These sculptures had gained huge popularity in ancient time. Elephant represents power and magnificence. Therefore various elephant’s sculptures were used by kings for embellishment of different parts of their palaces. These still have that popularity at present time. Since various craftsmen use their different skills in handicrafts, these sculptures are also found in different varieties. One of these variants is wooden Ambabari Maharaja Statue.
Indian Handicrafts.jpeg

This sculpture has beautifully carved elephant with palanquin on back and there is king sitting in that palanquin. This variant of Indian handicrafts is an exquisite example of skills of craftsmen. This royal Ambabari statue is carved from cedar wood. It has amazing floral carving. There are also beautifully other elephants carved on this statue. It is also known as Maharaja Elephant. This piece will surely give royal look to living room and guests will admire you a lot for its amazing design. If you are looking for handmade gifts for different occasions, this item is a good choice. This product can be found at Indian Crafts with 8” height.

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