Batik Painting – A Worldwide Popular Ancient Indian Handicraft

Painting has been a part of Indian handicrafts since ancient times. This art reflects the rich heritage and traditions of this country. In old time, kings were lover of this art. They used to get their paintings drawn and give rewards to the skilled artists. Besides this, they also liked paintings inspired from different subjects such as nature, animals, and birds. Thus, they promoted this ancient art and gave huge contribution in making it popular. There were different kinds of painting styles originated in India and Batik art is popular one among these.
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Batik is an ancient style of creating paintings using wax on the fabric. Various similar forms of this art can be found in Ghana, Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. According to a prominent Indian handicraft manufacturer, artists of this country came to know the technique of creating paintings with the use of wax on the fabric about 2000 years ago. In this technique, a cot wax is layered on a piece of cloth which is then dyed. After this, the wax is taken out while the waxed portions retain their original color. What makes this variant of ancient Indian handicrafts extraordinary is the contrast between waxed and non-waxed part, remaining after the wax is taken out.
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Though various paintings are not easier to create, but Batik painting can be done by anybody. This art has evolved according to taste and choices of modern people. Ancient ones were very complex and attractive, but the modern ones also look charming with the simple design. However, there is still demand for the traditional batik painting in the market.

Well, this is a short introduction of Batik painting. You can use it to add charm to any part of your house. Besides painting, Indian handicraft manufacturers also sell Batik bags, murals, marble painting, saris, and many more things. Due to high exposure given to this art, it is immeasurably popular all over the world.

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