The Traditional Indian Handicrafts Industry

Traditional handicrafts are one of the specialities of India. Indian handicrafts are one of the best ways to refurbish or decorate your home. Different states of India have different handicrafts specialities, so let’s have a look at a few of them today:


The biggest producer of Indian handicrafts, Rajasthan is well known for its wood, ivory and marble crafts, Maru-Gurjar paintings, wooden furniture, carpets and blue pottery. So, if want to get something really different for the wall of your room, then a Rajasthani rendition of Raas-Leela with surely brighten up the space.


shivaniwood.jpgThe artisans of Karnataka use traditional processes and techniques still to make different traditional handicrafts. The most popular products of Karnataka include Rosewood crafts, Mysore paintings, bell metal works, bronze artifacts, etc. If you want to get something unique for your new sofa table, then Bidriware- an indigenous metal work famous for its exceptionally styled Hookas can do the work for you.

Jammu and Kashmir

made-inkashmir.jpgJammu and Kashmir handicrafts carry some of the strongest influences including those of the Persians and Mughals. This is actually what makes them exclusive for decorating your home with. The Persian inspired, exquisitely colorful curtains, paper mache, cushion covers with chain stitch work and crewel embroidery and woolen Namdas mattress are a few of the most famous handicrafts products in Jammu and Kashmir market.

West Bengal

5522237532_9b347d90d8_z.jpgEvery state an district of West Bengal specializes greatly in some type of handicraft or the other. Whether it is Sholapith or Dhokre, cane or bamboo furniture, or the Japanese styles rag doll, the handicraft legacy of West Bengal is surely hard to keep out from your own home décor assortment.

So, if you want to decorate your home with something unique and exclusive, you can surely find something in the range of handicrafts available these days.


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